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reindeer sweaterThe Holidays are fast approaching, (which is scary for me to think about since I started my shopping two days ago). While this is a fun and happy time filled with family, friends, gifts, and parties, the holidays can pose different challenges for businesses. From working around company-wide and personal days off, to the potential of an influx of business, it’s important that you evaluate the business communication challenges you could face over the holidays and evaluate the potential solutions to make sure your business stays productive.

  1. Concern: I’ll be in and out of the office, but I don’t want to give out multiple numbers to customers.
    • Solution: FindMe/FollowMe allows you to move around wherever you need to and keep the same number. Your one office number can ring your desk phone, softphone, or mobile device.
  2. Concern: I want to give customers excellent service, but the phones are ringing off the hook and my salespeople can’t keep up!
    • Solution: Call center technology such as Automatic Call Distribution, Call Queuing, and Call Parking will make sure your customers receive the best customer service.
  3. Concern: I would really like to let my employees work from home during the holidays, but I don’t want to lose productivity.
    • Solution: Unified communications can make sure your employees have real-time presence and are just one click of communication away from each other.
  4. Concern: My customers won’t know when we’re closed for the holidays.
    • Solution: When your business is closed, you want to make sure your customers know. Make sure you change your voice greeting, so when you customers call in, they will know when you are open or closed for business. SnapRecordings is a great company to work with to create professional voice recordings.
  5. Concern: The weather outside is frightful.  What if we can’t get into the office or the power goes out?
    • Solution: Administer your phone system from anywhere with web-based tools that let you forward phones to another location, home phones or mobile devices when your employees can’t safely get to work.

While this list won’t help you finish your holiday shopping, hopefully, it will help you get your business communications in order for the holidays. We've even made a fun illustrated version of this SlideShare you should take a look at. If you don’t have these capabilities in your current phone solution, Fonality can help you communicate effectively for the holidays and every day.