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Moving cubes. I don’t think anyone comes into work and thinks, “Gee, I hope we move cubes today”. Humans are creatures of habit, and uprooting people’s day-to-day space tends to not be a favorite activity. It can also be a major technical and logistical headache to move multiple departments from cube to cube. Fortunately, it wasn’t as much of a nightmare for the Fonality employees that moved cubes around the office yesterday.

Yesterday I sat in amazement as I watched 40 plus individuals move cubicles and offices in order to closer align teams.  With little pre-planning, in less than 2 hours, 40 people swapped locations from one area of the building to the next.  I have never seen this done before.  At other companies I worked for, moving employees from one location to another required extensive coordination, planning and down time because it was difficult to move their phones.   I watched in action a big advantage of the Fonality VOIP phone system, the ability to unplug your phone and quickly move anywhere. Each phone is provisioned with the user’s extension. All you have to do is unplug your phone from one outlet, and plug it in to another. Voila! You’ve now moved your extension to a new desk!

While it’s no problem to move an employee’s phone from one cube to the next, I can’t say the same about everyone’s stuff. Let’s just say it was probably a great opportunity for some people to get rid of some things they really didn’t need.


Has your office traded desks recently? Maybe with the New Year it’s time to shake things up a bit and move people around for a new look and feel. What’s holding you back? If you’ve got Foanlity, then it isn’t your extension. If you don’t, take a look at what we have to offer, and bring your business phone solution into 2014.