Meet The Newest Addition to the Marketing Dept: The Fonality Communications System!

Posted by Lee Mayhew

In the Q42013 edition of The Flow, a printing and IT services industry publication published by Ricoh Corporation, there is a short article on page 5 titled "Marketing loves IT: Why CMOs are spending more than CIOs."  The point of the article is this: these days technology -- everything from websites and social media, to QR Codes and customer analytics -- is a powerful marketing tool, and in many organizations it's the marketing department that is shopping for technology as much if not more than the internal IT folks.  In today's business world, technology is moving out of the back-office and data closet and becoming the single most customer-facing element of the enterprise.

The article does not mention communications systems specifically, but it does touch on several of the key drivers and initiatives that have CMOs out shopping for technology.  A Fonality Communications Solution can have a positive impact on almost every one of these initiatives in ways that a "legacy phone system" never could.  Here are some examples:

  • "'...Technology has become central to everything we do -- providing real-time visibility and improvements in both productivity and performance.'" (Malinda Wilkinson, VP, Marketing, Innovolt)
    • Fonality's color-coded presence, Mobility and FindMe features, Real-time Queue dashboard, and historical reports give companies unparalleled real-time visibility, and can have a huge positive impact on productivity and performance.
  • "There are...underlying marketing technologies that are turbocharging CMO spending: mobile, marketing automation...and sales force automation."
    • Fonality offers one of the most powerful and sophisticated yet easy to use mobility feature sets in the industry, allowing employees to work from wherever they need to using any device, without sacrificing connectivity or having to share personal information.
    • A company's phone system is second only to the website when it comes to frequency of customer interaction.  Does your phone system help you market?  No one likes to be on hold, but if your customers find themselves on hold, Fonality's flexible queuing, voice prompt, and music-on-hold features ensure that they will hear your marketing content and brand messaging every time.
    • Fonality works seamlessly with many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and back-office solutions like SugarCRM,, and Netsuite, helping your salesforce work more efficiently and effectively, shortening the sales cycle.

The article wraps up with this quote from Shelagh Stoneham, SVP & GM of Brands and Marketing Communications for Rogers Communications: "Having the right infrastructure in place to support your campaign can be the edge your brand requires to succeed in today's competitive marketplace."

If you are looking for a new approach with your customers and prospects when it comes to positioning the value of a Fonality Communications solution, consider reaching out to the CMO or other senior marketing executive.  Ask them if their organization's phone system is an integral part of their marketing strategy.  In most cases the answer will be "no."  That's when you ask if they'd be willing to take 20 minutes to hear about how it could be.

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