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batmanBruce Wayne has a reputation to keep up, especially when his alter ego as a vigilante in a batsuit seems to be having a rough time with the citizens of Gotham. However, these two personas actually have a lot of lessons that small businesses can learn from in order to maintain their own reputation both in the real world and online. For our own purposes, we're going to draw inspiration from the recent Christopher Nolan trilogy of the Batman universe, and as a forewarning for those who have not seen them, there may be some slight spoilers to the movies.

1. Have the right tools 
Batman is one of the few superheroes that actually doesn't have any powers. But, thanks to Lucius Fox, Batman always has the best gadgets at his disposal to handle the situation. Similarly, your organization must invest in software and hardware that will allow you to monitor your online presence and gauge overall customer satisfaction with your services. These assets will enable you to see what people are saying about your business and gain insightful feedback on what to change. It will also give you the power to track mentions on social media sites and other online sources. Client relationship programs will also give your staff the ability to better serve your customers, improving their satisfaction and preserving your brand image.

2. React professionally and appropriately
Bruce Wayne is the head of a powerful company and Batman is often restricted to how the city will view the vigilante's actions, but both personas must react according to the current situation and think on their feet. Although businesses may not be able to respond as quickly as the "world's greatest detective," you can still ensure that you are acting appropriately. For example, when responding to criticism, you should not be using your Batvoice - channel instead your inner calm Bruce Wayne to respond professionally. This will not only ensure that you are serving your customers, but that you are also preserving your brand reputation.

3. Call in backup
While you may have the right tools, there may be situations when you need consulting to handle your image management. Although Robin wasn't explicitly involved in the Nolan epic, Batman did always have his trusty right-hand Alfred for advice. Similarly, if your organization needs help implementing the latest tools or engaging more effectively with customers, Fonality has business telephone solutions that will help you connect. These offerings provide reliable service and will help staff receive relevant information in a timely manner for client support.

Managing your brand reputation can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. By learning from the dark knight and observing small business best practices, you can better serve your customers and retain your image.