Working from the Gym - Work from Anywhere

There has been no shortage of weather-induced drama this winter.  We’ve written recently about the benefits of communications solutions that allow workers to stay put, safe and warm at home, without missing a beat in their work.  But working from the gym? That’s a new one.

Here in North Texas, unpredictability is the new normal and the most seasoned weather pros stay stumped.  Spring-like weather this weekend quickly gave way to biting cold on Monday, but without any major precipitation.  Our Plano office is about a 45 minute drive from Denton, TX, where my 12 year-old daughter, a competitive gymnast, trains.  The drive to pick her up from the gym was no problem, but by the time we were headed home, freezing drizzle—frizzle—had become a problem.  We hit a couple of small ice patches, but nothing too bad. 

Then, traffic came to a standstill.  A few minutes later, we were passed by 2, then 3, police cars.  Next came the ambulances and fire trucks.  The lights and sirens left her silent and the multi-car pile-up we eventually passed left her pale.   After we regrouped, I decided to drive on to my teenager’s school, where kids were practicing in the band hall, oblivious to the changing conditions outside.  On our way, we passed the aftermath of another wreck, worse than the first one.  

By bedtime, the schools in our area had announced closings for today.  It made sense at the time, but things actually looked pretty clear this morning.  My daughter’s Romanian coaches are no wimps and it takes more than a little frizzle to keep them home.  The gym would be open today and, with a big meet this weekend, it would be practice as usual.  

Realistically, that shouldn’t have been a problem.  I should have been able to drop my daughter at gym and head in to work.  But my little girl couldn’t shake the images of yesterday’s wrecks from her mind’s eye.  If I dropped her at gym, would I be safe as I traveled on to work?  The weatherman said the frizzle would be back midday—would I be safe picking her up?  Would we get stuck in two different places?  Despite the clear roads, this was not shaping up to be an easy morning.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to take advantage of mobility solutions to work and keep my daughter anxiety-free.   I’m sitting in the lobby, connected to the wireless at Denton Gymnastics Academy, having just finished a two-hour video conference call with the marketing team from my laptop with my Heads Up Display chiming away as I chat with my colleagues about a big data-related project.  Business as usual, really, with some great perks.  My daughter feels safe and happy, I got to see a nicely executed bar routine and I’ve get to enjoy some super cute lunch buddies today.