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I’m kind of a function-over-form kind of person.  I’m not a recreational shopper and I am not much of an early adopter when there is a cool, new piece of technology.  If a hipper version of my cell phone becomes available, I won’t give it a second thought, as long as my own is working just fine, thank you very much.  My car, a Honda Accord, is the trademark of the middle class pragmatists.  I even bought my teenaged daughter an older, used one.  Call me Ms. Practicality. 

2013 Honda Accord Sport Sedan front three quarters in motion

Recently, though, I’ve had to take my car to the dealer a couple of times to fix a little something quirky.  Both times, I’ve been given much nicer-than-mine loaners to drive with their compliments. Crafty creatures.  By sending me off surrounded by leather, sunroofs, satellite radio, fancy screens and cameras—things not currently enjoyed in Ms. Practicality’s own car—they’re hoping I’ll decide I can’t live without upgrades and deem my own car too tedious to drive. 

The upgrades are nice, though my car works just fine for what I need without them.  What would really stink, though, would be to find out that I could have had all those bells and whistles without having had to spend more.  As quickly as technologies evolve these days, it isn’t unusual to find that the plain vanilla thing you bought a few years ago now comes standard with all the cool features you’re doing without.  And sometimes, they’re available for about the same investment. 

That definitely holds true for business phone solutions.  Not so long ago, you might have bought a fairly standard PBX for your mid-sized business.  Nothing flashy, but it probably had everything you needed to make and receive calls, host and schedule conference calls, use voicemail, etc.  Other than requiring your IT staff to invest a few hours a week in keeping it up or making tweaks to keep pace with your company’s growth, you probably feel like it works just fine, thank you very much.

The truth is, though, for about what it costs in time and resources to keep that old, plain vanilla box working day in and day out, you could probably free up your IT staff and give your business all the bells and whistles you’re missing.  Unified Communications and presence tools that could make your already awesome personnel even more efficient, productive and all-around stellar.  Call center functionality that would help get every caller to the right person, right away, making them happier that they called you.  Stuff like that.  And right now, Fonality is even offering a trade in program that makes it a little easier to say goodbye to that practical old box.  Because when you get right down to it, maybe even the die-hard pragmatists among us would be better served with a nice, sensible set of upgrades.