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law scalesAs a lawyer, your time is at a premium. Clients are more demanding than ever and deadlines are always looming. How can you best balance meeting the needs of your customers, while finishing your work? Is there some kind of superpower that will allow you to work more? The answer may lie with your phone system. There is so much new technology with phone systems that makes it more than that handset that sets on your desk. Here are three communication features that could boost productivity of law firms.

1)      Unified Communications- You may have heard of unified communications, but you may not have. The best way I describe unified communications is a single dashboard that consolidates all of your communications into one place. Need to call a college? You can see real-time presence information to know whether if they are on the phone or available. No more blind calling to see if you can reach them. Or even better, are they on the phone but you’ve got a quick question, send them a chat for a quick response.

2)      Conferencing Capabilities- When there’s a decision to make, it’s fastest and easiest to get all parties involved in at one. Setting up a conference bridge is an easy way to host a meeting to make sure everyone’s voice and opinion is heard. No more “He said. She said”.

3)      FindMe/FollowMe- If you choose to be reachable at any time, you know the struggle of handing out multiple phone numbers. There’s also the decision, “Do I hand out my personal cell, or not.” FindMe/FollowMe technology eliminates these decisions. With FindMe/FollowMe you can set your calls to follow you with one number. All you have to do is hand out your regular office number and your calls can ring any device that you want, whether that’s your desk phone or mobile device.

4)      Voicemail Transcription- When you can’t get to your phone right away or are tied up doing something else, coming back to check voicemail can be a real pain. Voicemail transcription lets you read your voicemails from your email box. It’s a fast and efficient way to prioritize what needs a callback and what doesn’t.

These are just some of the features that can really make a difference for your law firm. Are you ready to take your firm’s productivity to the next level? Take a look at what Fonality offers just for law firms like yours.