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Sure, Mother's Day is a ways away, and sure, your mom (probably) isn't a small to midsize business. But it stands to reason that (1) you should start thinking about a great present for the woman who brought you into this world now - so you don't wind up with some flowers picked from your neighbor's yard again - and (2) unified communications would actually be great way to improve the day-to-day tasks that mothers often find themselves doing.

Imagine if your mom had today's communications technology at the ready. You probably would've gotten away with way less in high school, that's for sure. Here are some ways that business UC initiatives would change everything for everyone's favorite love/hate relationship.

1. 'I was worried sick about you' 
How often did all of us hear that growing up? I know it seemed to issue from my mom's lips on a daily basis during my teen years. Kids today have cell​ phones and text message so much that we actually need to tell them not to do it while they're driving. Hook up their moms with some UC instant messaging software and put their children's penchant for constant communication to use. This will probably mean those embarrassing "I'm so proud of you" messages might extend past kids' sack lunches, but it will also decrease the amount of worrying moms do every day - a little, at least.

2. 'Kids! Lunch!'
Would I sound too much like an old fogey if I said that, back in my day, kids used to play outside all day? Well, probably, but it's true. Around lunchtime on weekends, my siblings and I would be scattered all over the neighborhood and it fell to my mom to get us all together to eat some sandwiches. With a VoIP phone system, audio conferencing is easy and fast across all kinds of devices. If my mother had this kind of technology on hand, we could have figured out where all of us were and how long it would take to reconvene at home, without her wearing out her vocal chords trying to get our attention every day.

If your mom was a company (and let's hope she's not), a few healthy doses of unified communications technology would be the perfect present for Mother's Day. To give the gift of better communications to your business, all you have to do is contact Fonality today. And for the real Mother's Day, I don't know, get her a card or something, I don't know your mom.