Uptime Blog Feature.pngTRACK RECORD

We take our responsibility as your business phone provider very seriously. Having service disruptions is part of every service-based business, but we’re proud of our track record. Here’s a quick view of our service uptime for 2015 and 2016:

uptime_table.jpgTRUST & TRANSPARENCY

We build trust through transparency.

Just as important as our track record is our response when there is a problem.  Have you ever called a phone company to complain about an outage, only to get the distinct impression you're being lied to, or that your vendor is playing "the blame game"?  We don't do that at Fonality. If we have a problem, we tell you about it.  And we're so committed to being honest and taking responsibility that we publish our outages by type of service on a public website for everyone to see - our employees, our customers, and our competitors - shining a light on something that has traditionally been veiled in darkness. So instead of just hearing a sales person say, "we're great, hardly ever have outages," you can see for yourself. 

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