23 tips for your small business

Posted by NetFortris Team

It's not easy running a small business, so we thought we'd help you along with these tips:

1. Tackle one project at a time - don't spread yourself too thin. 

Spreading Your Work Thin

2. Embrace mobility - including BYOD.

BYOD - Mobility

3. Become a social media whiz


Social Media Whiz


4. Just don't be annoying about it.

Don't Be Annoying in Social Media 

5. Keep your head in the cloud.

Get Your Head in the Cloud

6. Don't hire slackers.

Don't Hire Slackers

7. Also, don't be a slacker yourself - especially if you're running a small business out of your house and the couch is beckoning.

Working from Home - Don't Slack Off 

8. Build a customer base by making connections.

Make Connections with Your Customer 

9. Keep your customers close by being there when they need you.

Be Available for Your Customers 

10. And be available no matter how they want to reach you, including text, live chat or call.

Small Businesses Should be Available Always 

11. If number 9 is difficult for you, it's probably time for a new business phone system.

New HUD Hero Image 1900x1000


12. Remember that most employees you're bringing on will probably be millennials

Millennials in Your Business

13. Don't be a mean boss just because you heard that's what worked for Steve Jobs. You are not Steve Jobs. 

Steve Jobs

14. Get organized - because if you're running a small business, nobody's going to do that for you.

Get Your Small Business Organized 

15. Have a clean workspace.

Have a Clean Workplace 

16. Get grumpy with your competition.

Get Competitive with Your Competition

17. And get to know them at small business conferences.

Get Friendly with Your Competition

18. Eat creativity-driving foods.

Creativity Driving Foods  

19. Try to limit distractions.

Limit Distractions in Your Small Business 

20. Don't be discouraged by one bad day of business.

Don't be Discouraged by One Bad Day of Business 

21. Be your own motivator. 

Be Your Own Business Motivator

22. Get your face out there to personalize your brand. And when you put your image out there, make sure it's presentable

Presentable Brand Image

23. Have some confidence. When it comes to your business, you are Thor. 

Have Confidence in your Business


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