Figuring out the best way to optimize your business has never been easier. In the past, organizations have had to rely heavily on human measurement when trying to improve performance - luckily, we now have intelligent algorithmns to do this for us. Companies have access to a host of analytics programs and software that is specifically engineered to offer insight into business connectivity and operations, allowing for a deeper understanding of how to move the business forward.

Picking and choosing various analytics systems that all perform different roles can be a pain, but with NetFortris you don't have to. We offer customers the three following analytics-based tactics for optimization, each of which is designed to boost a specific part of your business.

1. Network performance

NetFortris's network performance system, LiveWatch Monitoring & Analytics, allows businesses significant insight into LAN and WAN networks at all times. This helps your organization identify and combat any potential issues before they get out of hand, thus optimizing performance and minimizing downtime. The data-based system fills you in on peak usage, network utilization, traffic sources, latency and more, allowinadministrators to change bandwidth requirements if needed.

2. Quality of Service (QoS)

Our QoS management system makes sure that your software, particularly unified communications and video, are running smoothly and meet industry standards. Whether your business uses cloud-based or an on-premise system, NetFortris QoS is able to measure the quality of service for you. With those calculations, either your in-house team or our Network Operations Center staff are able to adjust voice, streaming, audio and video performance to better suit your business. This type of system is great for optimizing bandwidth-heavy software and applications that could otherwise drag performance down if left alone.

3. Call Recording

Analytics for call recording allows companies to monitor call performance in order to improve it going forwardSuch a program is helpful for both customer interactions and future training opportunities and can also protect your business against legal disputes. This monitoring tool is incorporated into NetFortris's call recording solutions, letting businesses constantly ensure quality call center service in tandem with the other great services that come with the system.

Business analytics is an important component of modern technology, which is why it's the foundation for our communication solutions. With NetFortris's UC and VoiP solutions, you get both a modern-designed communication tool as well as a system in place to monitor the solutions' performance.