Posted by Team NetFortris

Networks grow more important with each passing year - and no, we're not talking about your professional circle.

With digital innovation at an all-time high, the average business' technological infrastructure continues to command a high level of attention. Companies should be keeping an eye on these three enterprise networking trends in 2018 to ensure they remain up to speed:

1. Spending is up

The majority of IT professionals surveyed (55 per cent) by Network Computing estimate that their budget will increase in 2018. This will be done in an effort to allocate more funding for improved wireless connectivity and wide area networking (WAN). This is likely in response to continued adoption of technologies that rely on large file transfers like the Internet of Things (IOT).

2. Lack of security a major fear

On the other end of that increase in spending is the mounting concern over cybersecurity. Three out of every five respondents list it as their organization's top threat to the enterprise network, according to Network Computing. The sophisticated attacks taking place are costing companies millions in reparations - intuitive businesses are instead investing that money in a bid to gain better visibility into the network.

3. Software-defined (SD) WAN hits mainstream

What started as a niche platform has now become the gold standard for many companies. Organizations are using virtualization to improve performance across multiple locations while simultaneously curbing bandwidth consumption, and it will only increase in popularity this year, Network World reported.

The next step

These three trends help companies focus efforts on individual areas regarding their digital infrastructure, but as a whole point towards the need for better monitoring of the enterprise network. With more applications and users connected, identifying vulnerabilities and unauthorized users has become key in securing the organization's data center and overall reputation.

It's why many companies are using their increased budgets to integrate solutions such as LiveWatch, which provides detailed analysis and insight into enterprise network performance. This ranges from cybersecurity needs with the help of real-time alerts to prompt instant responses to threats, to adapting bandwidth to suit unexpected spikes in consumption.

With SD-WAN becoming standard across a vast number of industries, the multi-site management tools that LiveWatch delivers makes it easier to roll out products without fear of losing visibility from an IT security prospective. At the end of the day, maintaining the enterprise network will need to become simpler as actions taking place on it grow more complex.

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