3 reasons to go GigE for your next desk phone

Posted by NetFortris Team

If you're considering a new business phone system, moving into a new office, or adding desks where once there were none, this post is for you. A category of phones known as GigE – or Gigabit Ethernet  could save you a bundle on your IT budget and look good doing it.

Yealink and Polycom IP GIGE Phones

3 cases for going GigE

While GigE phones cost slightly more than regular VoIP desk phones, here are three reasons to upgrade for long-term savings and satisfaction.

Just one data drop

With a GigE desk phone, you only need one data line to each desk instead of two. With the average cost for cabling estimated at $206 per "drop" (or line), that's a whole lot of potential savings.


Daisy-chaining doesn't drag down data

Daisy chaining is when you connect multiple devices one after another – kind of like doing this with a bunch of actual daisies. You can daisy chain with a non-GigE phone, but we don't recommend it. When you link your GigE phone to your computer to share that one data drop, you don't have to worry about your bits and bytes getting all choked up. They are built to work hand-in-hand with your laptop or desktop.

They look good!!

As you can see from the Polycom and Yealink beauty shots in this post and our video comparison, GigE phones are more than just the honor roll students of the IP phone class. They're an attractive bunch packed with form and function.  

If you're interested in getting GigE phones for your office, we've got 'em. Head over to our IP phone list to browse or chat with one of our experts (look for the Live Chat button on every page).

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