Unified Communications is an industry term that means exactly what it implies. Unifying the communication tools of your company. It allows the user to have an integration of tools and apps in an effort to be collaborative quicker, be more productive and save the company money.

1. Collaborative Components

  • Unified communications and collaboration can include components like:
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence – knowing if a contact is free or busy
  • Unified messaging – the ability to retrieve all your messages from one central location
  • Conferencing applications – to connect larger groups and allow them to share information and ideas

2. The effect that unified communications and collaboration has on productivity.

  • 24/7. Always-on. (Today’s adjectives for business environment.)
  • Help people connect efficiently and intuitively
  • Make a difference in your business success by giving your employees the ability to quickly find and communicate with the right people
  • Reduce time wasted
    • enables real-time presence across your organization, giving employees instant insight into their coworkers’ availability to connect via voice, IM or video.
  • Connect geographically dispersed employees
    • The reality of today’s business is employees are worldwide. Businesses can use unified communications and collaboration to make it easier for employees in multiple locations to work on projects. No need to worry about the geographical distance with unified communications and collaboration teamwork components.

3. Save money.

  • Save time and money by reaching people on the first try, switching between methods of communication to improve information exchange, reducing expenses and employee downtime due to travel, extending office applications to mobile workers and giving employees more flexibility to work from any location.


Organizations that leverage unified communications and collaboration tools are more efficient, better connected and generally happier with their internal communications. Talk to us about our Unified Communications solution today.

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