School_ZoneBack to school season is hard to miss between the advertising, school notices, and sales popping up everywhere. 

As children prepare to let out a collective groan about the end of summer, they aren't alone. Back to school means coping with schedule changes for just about everyone. 

From school zone slowdowns to the mad rush to make pickups and after-school care arrangements, the new school year can take its toll on your daily routine. But all this doesn't have to mean your work productivity plummets.

Beat the back-to-school schedule blues

Carpool or take public transportation

If you're driving, you should definitely avoid messing with your gadgets. But if you've got some time to use while on the bus, subway, train, or a carpool, use it effectively to get a head start on the day.

While these places may not be the best to have a conversation with a new prospect or customer, they are great places to catch up on email, listen to a podcast, or talk to coworkers about the meeting you have when you get in. 

Have a hands-free conversation while you wait

More vehicles are now equipped with bluetooth audio, enabling pretty decent quality calls while on the go. But what if you don't want to give out your personal cell phone to every new prospect? No worries.

Our Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile app acts like an extension of your office phone, so all callers need is your work number. Even if you don't have the app running, Find Me/Follow Me lets you set your office number to ring on your mobile, too. No one has to know you've been waiting to pull into the pick up lane at your daughter's school for the last 15 minutes.

Be prepared to work from anywhere

For those of us who find it pays to time commute to avoid school zones doubling our daily drive, having a business phone system that rocks at remote work is a great way to justify a little less time at your desk to the boss.

Today's unified communications (UC) solutions don't require you to be onsite to keep business communications on track. For example, Fonality customers can stay in touch with coworkers practically any time or anywhere they want with HUD software and matching mobile app. Sip a coffee while you wait for school zones to end, all the while instant messaging with coworkers, popping into a conference line, or closing that deal with one last call.

These are three of our favorite ways to keep schedule changes from taking a chunk out of our work day.
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