When my CMO, Jeff Valentine, sent out this video from Tripp and Tyler, I was expecting a few giggles. But as it turns out, it is eerily accurate. As someone who has participated in countless conference calls, they really captured the struggle. If you haven’t already seen it and have four minutes to spare, give it a watch:

The fact is, most of the “fails” in this video are so commonplace in a conference call that we don’t even notice them anymore. But guess what? The majority of these hang-ups have already been solved! Read on for four everyday conference call hiccups and easy solutions to eliminate them once and for all.


  1. Dropped calls – One minute you’re talking to your colleagues; the next minute you’re talking to yourself. To avoid this, make sure you have a clear understanding of your phone service provider’s continuity record. Fonality, for example, has an excellent track record and is still completely transparent when issues arise. In fact, Fonality publishes its uptime and complete breakdown per type of service on for everyone to see.

  2. Can’t tell who’s on a call – I don’t know about you, but saying “Kyley is here” every time I join a meeting feels mildly ridiculous. Instead of being forced to take attendance every 10 minutes, opt for a business phone platform, such as Heads Up Display™, that offers employee presence. With employee presence, everyone on the call can see who’s there and who isn’t. No more, “Brandon has entered the room.”

  3. Billion-digit access codes – Tired dialing every digit of π to join a call? The solution is simple: drag and drop calls. With drag and drop, you can join a conference, drag a colleague into your conference, or place a call on hold with the click of a mouse. No more access codes!

  4. Screen sharing is a headache – There’s always that one person who doesn’t have the plugin or update necessary to screen share. To avoid this frustration, invest in a unified communications platform that offers real-time screen sharing for conferences and sales presentations, without third party software.

I have just one question for you: why, oh why, are you putting up with the headache of outdated conference calling? Update your system today and experience painless conferencing!