If your business is like many others, you've moved some of your most critical systems to the cloud. Maybe you use DropBox to share files, do your taxes online or handle payroll through a web portal. It probably saves you a lot of money and time.

However, modernizing one of the most important tools for your business is more than just the great unknown for some. We hear it can be downright scary.

Know what's more scary? Not moving your office phone system to a cloud – or VoIP – solution with unified communications capabilities may be between you and some pretty amazing benefits. We're talking collaboration and communication tools your old desk phone never dreamed possible. It's like the difference between researching a school paper using the Internet compared to painfully perusing an old library card catalog. Innovative technology and high-speed Internet have made a better way possible.

But this is your business we're talking about. You've got to be sure. Here are four common fears – and why there's nothing to fear at all. Plus an added resource you can use to fight these fears left and right.

1. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

The comfort factor of traditional phone lines makes companies reluctant to change. Just because your dial tone works doesn't mean your phone system is working as hard as it should for your business. Offices stuck with old phones are missing out on tools like unified communications, easy access to calls from your office on your mobile, and more. Moreover, modern hosted phone systems provide tremendous opportunity for cost savings and a more efficient workplace compared to traditional PBX systems. 

2. “The sound quality isn’t good enough.”

Many businesses base their impressions of cloud-based phones on free or basic, consumer-grade services. The reality is that cloud-based phone systems for businesses have come into their own over the last decade. Believe it or not, most of your phone calls spend at least part of their time in digital form. You're actually making VoIP calls already – even when your office uses traditional land lines. Added to that fun fact is the way today's top providers can prioritize the quality of your voice calls versus less urgent information and even report back on your call quality on the fly. 

3. “I can’t risk my phones not working.”

Traditional phones are like Old Faithful – they work like clockwork – and organizations fear newer communications won’t be as reliable. Leading providers will test your Internet speed, talk with you about the reliability of your Internet connection and put safeguards in place in the vary rare occasions when service might be interrupted. Look for companies with multiple data centers and redundant equipment. And for those times you experience a power outage or other business interruption at your office, cloud-hosted systems are the best. You can take and make calls, chat with colleagues and more from any computer connected to the Internet or even your smartphone. A cloud phone system with unified communication actually gives you a better backup system for keeping your business up and running should weather or the construction crew next door takes out your power or Internet access. 

4. “I can’t control it.”

Another anxiety is the that moving from a centrally located PBX box in the main office to a remote service means losing control of your communications systems. In fact, quite the opposite is true! Just like you can use your cloud phone system from any computer or Internet, users and administrators can make changes to a web-based control panel to change settings. No need to be in the office or call out a technician to make changes. Admins can add users or check on how many sales leads have come in from anywhere. We don't recommend doing it from your beach vacation. But you can.

For more about dispelling myths and fears about modern business phone systems, check out our new eBook, "Conquering the 4 Fears of Cloud Phone Systems." If you're a business owner or IT manager, this eBook aims to arm you to better evaluate cloud-hosted phone systems without old assumptions getting in the way. 

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