Why do more than 2,000 insurance agencies come to Fonality for cloud communications solutions? Well for starters, it's because they are looking for ways to save time. A Fonality study found companies using Fonality’s Heads Up Display (HUD)™ for unified communications can reclaim up to two hours a day – per employee – in productivity. 

That begs the question…What can insurance agency staff do with an extra half day per week? As it turns out, quite a lot. Check out our infographic for ideas about what to do with that time, then read on for more info:



More about what to do with all that spare time:

  • Get smarter. Keep up with the latest insurance industry trends and regulations by putting that extra time into continuing education credits, which always seem so hard to fit into the schedule.
  • Make and take more calls. Having a spare half day a week gives you time for two dozen 10-minute calls. For insurance agents, that’s a lot of new policy quotes or chances to answer existing policy questions. With HUD Mobile, you can even knock out those calls on your smartphone while on the go.
  • Get some exercise. Walking around is one of the best activities there is. It's low-stress, you don't need to change into gym clothes, and it provides valuable time to decompress and reap some health benefits in the process. At an average pace, you can you can walk an estimated 12.4 miles each week with your newly found time. If you do it briskly, then according to Demand Media you can burn 900 calories or more. At that rate, you'll have more than earned the right to ...
  • Chill out with pizza and a movie. An extra half day for you means that you can enjoy some food and a film. And if during your previous week you did the three hours of walking, then it'll all balance out (At least we hope that's how it works)!

If you're in the insurance business and looking for a time-saving solution, schedule a demo today. Your employees will thank you.