What's your plan when there's an internet outage?

If you don’t have a preparedness plan for something as inevitable as an internet outage, you risk the ability to remain functional (and productive!) when internet service is lost. 4G backup service is a great way to protect your business.

Unprepared businesses are exposed to disruptions when their service goes down.

  • You can't download the revised contract.
  • Credit card payments can’t be processed.
  • You missed the meeting because the login number was on a calendar invite.
  • You can't reply to Steve's cat video with one of a chicken wearing pants.

The main idea is that your business loses the majority of its internal and external communication. Work comes to a standstill.

4G Backup Service

What you need is an automatic failover. Having a failover ensures that you never lose the ability to operate as a competent business and don’t have to waste time troubleshooting in an emergency.

4G backup service offers preparedness for businesses like yours.

4G backup essentially provides a dongle that allows your business to automatically connect with the Verizon Wireless network in the event of an internet outage, no matter who your usual internet and communications carriers are. This immediate failover protection means you always have the ability to perform activities your business relies on the internet to complete.

What Will You Get?

With 4G backup service, you get the ultimate protection during an internet outage. This proactive solution is best when it's an option through your existing communications provider (Yeah, NetFortris 4G backup). A single point of contact keeps you from having to call multiple vendors to get information and resolve your issue.

The next time there’s a mass internet outage, wouldn’t you like to be the business that remains operational for your customers? If you don't have internet failover in place yet, you’re putting yourself at risk for losing business during an internet outage. Just as hospitals have emergency generators in case of power outages, you need a system in place to maintain your business continuity.

NetFortris’s 4G backup service is worth every dollar when you compare it to the profit losses associated with the downtime experienced during an internet outage. For this kind of service you might expect to take a real hit to your budget, but at a flat fee of $45 per month, consider it business insurance.

4G backup service keeps you online and offers a single point of contact when internet issues arise. If you’re ready to improve your business continuity, contact us today for more information about how we can keep you working even when your internet isn’t.