It’s no secret, more and more MSPs are making the shift to incorporating cloud technologies. CRN had a great article this week that highlights some of the top challenges MSPs are facing as they plan for growth.  With the huge opportunity, the pressure is on. 

Move to the cloud with Fonality’s Channel Partner Program.Choosing a cloud provider to partner with isn't as difficult today as it once was – there are now hundreds of companies that sell cloud solutions. The challenge, and the most vital part of your selection, is to choose the right partner that can work with you to expand your services. As you make the decision, here are some recommendations you should consider.  

Pick cloud partner programs carefully.

Does your cloud provider’s partner program make it easy for you to succeed? Look for things like partner portals and emails that keep you posted on the latest product news. Do they offer the opportunity to earn MDF funds? This is a great indication of support that is beneficial to your business' growth. 

And your partners even more so.

Not all cloud implementations are the same. Our most successful MSPs chose Fonality in part because we make it possible to tailor the offering based on your customer’s needs. Fonality does this by offering multiple deployment models and the choice between subscription or perpetual payment options.

Take advantage of training.

Many cloud vendors provide free training. Our newly expanded Fonality Academy partner training helps MSPs quickly ramp up and get the education and product knowledge they need to ensure they’re ready to serve their customer’s needs. When deciding on a partner, make sure they also have customer training that’s easy to access and available for end users and administrators.

Ask about dedicated support.

Make sure to ask about what sales and marketing resources you’ll have to support you. Whether you’re an expert or just entering the cloud communications market, Fonality’s partner program provides dedicated sales and marketing assistance at every stage of the sales cycle.  

Fonality's Channel Partner Program offers MSPs the opportunity to retain the competitive edge by implementing business-forward cloud technology. Our program equips partners for success with dedicated sales and marketing support. Check out Fonality's Partners page for more info.