At some companies, training employees involves tossing a new hire a handbook and expecting them to take the time to read it. I’ve seen this happen before (and trust me, it never ends well).

There are multiple reasons why companies opt out of a more hands-on approach, but I’ve observed one common misconception: training is a big dispensable cost; besides, employees will get better at their job by doing it. However, when the right practices are put into place, training becomes an investment in both the employees and the company. Here are five reasons why:

Training boosts productivity

When employees have a better understanding of their job and goals, they have a greater likelihood of attaining or even exceeding expectations. One study by the Educational Quality of the Workforce revealed that a 10% increase in training generated an approximate 8.6% increase in productivity.

Additional education decreases the need for supervision

Providing employees the means to be successful in their role allows managers to manage the work instead of simply managing people. The company will gain benefits from staff who performs their tasks effectively in addition to seeing more efficiency from managers who may have been stuck in the weeds of the work.

Support from the company increases employee satisfaction

Training gives employees the chance to not only hone existing skills but also learn new skills. This ability to grow in a position and feel empowered is important to an individual’s perception of their role within the company and of the organization itself.  

Satisfied, goal-oriented employees stick around longer

Top employees are continuously looking for opportunities for career growth, so if that growth isn’t available within the company, they’ll look outside of it. To remain competitive in today’s business world and keep top talent, it’s imperative to offer the support and training these employees seek.

Better educated employees bring in more money

While the exact ROI varies across industries, better knowledge of the products, services, and company in general increases employees’ abilities to bring in revenue. Whether for direct sales, marketing, partnerships, or customer support, an investment in education is something everyone in the company can take advantage of.

Learning and development begins with buy in from everyone in order to be most effective – employees, managers, and executives. When companies invest in employee training they quickly realize the returns on their training investments with more loyal, efficient, and productive employees.


At Fonality, not only do we support internal education and training, we also offer Fonality Academy to ensure that our customers and their employees receive the training they need to get the most out of their new Fonality solutions.

Live Webinar Training

Fonality Academy’s certified trainers host up to eight instructor-led webinars weekly at zero cost. Users access the webinars on Fonality’s website, where they can register for the course(s) relevant to their needs and skill level. Topics range from day-to-day maintenance, to the use of Fonality’s Heads Up Display™ (HUD), to building a professional call menu. Every class concludes with a Q&A session.

e-Learning Training

The Fonality Learning Management System (LMS) provides on-demand access to the intro-level courses from the company’s Live Webinar Training curriculum. This makes Fonality Academy content available around the clock.

Dedicated Remote Training

These live web-based sessions are structured similar to the regularly scheduled live webinars. However, they are conducted exclusively for one customer and tailored to that company’s needs.

Dedicated Onsite Training

Fonality’s onsite training offers customers a unique opportunity to receive interactive, hands-on instruction with up to 25 employees at their choice of location.

For more information about available tracks and courses, visit the Fonality Academy page. Customers interested in dedicated training may contact their Fonality representative.