HUD 1.4.3 Feature - Evolving Man2.jpgWe’re giving the term “unified communications” another boost with the addition of six new features built into our Heads Up DisplayTM (HUD) platform.

Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. From the foundation of built-in and fully integrated, Fonality’s industry-leading HUD Web now gives users a power up with:

  1. Unanswered Queue Call Transfer. Exclusively for Fonality customers, queue managers can now transfer unanswered queue calls directly to an available agent or other team member to reduce the number of abandoned calls and long wait times for callers.
  2. Warm Transfer. Extends the existing transfer option by allowing the person transferring a call to let the recipient know who’s calling and why. This improves the customer experience, expedites customer service, and ensures that the caller is being sent to the right place.
  3. Recording Downloads. Users can now download voicemails and On-demand Recordings from within the VM & Recordings tab and save or share with ease. This is especially great for saving training recordings or customer records.
  4. Inline Audio Controls. All voicemail and call recording controls are now inline. The new recording download option is joined by Play, Call, and Delete for recordings. Voicemails add a fourth option, Mark Read/Unread.
  5. Notification Count. For each missed chat, call or voicemail, the Fonality favicon (the “bar F” taken from the Fonality logo) on the user’s browser tab transforms into a counter that’s easy to spot even while working in other tabs.
  6. File Sharing. Sharing a file from desktop, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box or Dropbox is as easy hovering over an avatar photo and clicking Share File or clicking a paper clip image in an individual or group chat entry box. Choose where the file lives, and watch it go.

You say you don’t know HUD?

You should. These new features join an award-winning UC and business phone solution. Fonality’s HUD platform gives users a “single pane of glass” where they can manage their business communication. To learn more about how Fonality can level up your business communications, click here.