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I recently attended the MSP World Spring conference in Orlando. MSPWorld is an MSPAlliance event that brings together MSPs from across the nation. It’s organized by MSPs who have real-world experience and success in the managed services industry. Fonality has seen a huge increase in MSPs joining our channel partner program, so attending the conference was a great chance to continue to learn about the latest trends and best practices from leaders in the field.msp_world_session

I’ve picked my top eight takeaways to share with you today: 

  1. IT services spend on managed services globally is projected to be $981 billion in 2015 with $154 billion of that in North America. (MSP Alliance 2015 State of the Market Report)
  1. As MSPs plan for growth, investing in cloud service offerings , especially IP telephony. Tap into one of the fastest growing cloud solutions market. All your customers need phone systems, and it lives on the same network you’re servicing today.
  1. Keeping existing business is not enough. You must have a plan to bring new business.
  1. The primary reasons customers adopt MSP services are so they can stay focused on their core competencies, improve performance, and cut costs.
  1. MSPs must learn new models for generating new business. Creating effective referral programs and online advertising are two top ways to grow your business.
  1. Customer retention should also be a huge part of your focus. Customers know how to find MSPs easily, and they’re willing to change MSPs if they aren’t satisfied.
  1. Marketing has long been a struggle for MSPs, but you must have a strategy. Work with your vendor partners to utilize their programs to help you grow your sales funnel. 
  1. Top 5 industries MSPs are focused on, in order: SMB, Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Legal, Insurance (based on MSP Alliance 2015 member survey)

It was hard to narrow down the list from this great event, but there you have it.

Fonality is looking for MSPs who want to differentiate their product offering and gain a competitive advantage by offering business phone systems and unified communications. Our program equips partners for success with dedicated sales and marketing support. For more information on our channel partner program, visit


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