Better On-Hold Experience Means Better Brand Experience

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Ever go into a restaurant or shop and find yourself immediately turned off—so much so that you just decide to leave?  The music is too loud or too obnoxious, the line is ridiculously long or maybe you’re just stuck standing behind that guy who won’t stop talking about something you find utterly uninteresting, at best, or, worse still, completely obnoxious?

frustrated on holdThat’s the same experience that customers have when they call your business and are subjected to long hold periods with annoying music or scratchy, irrelevant pre-recorded messages that aren’t particularly well done.  In my case, it’s what happens when I call my regionally-based Internet provider.  Every calling experience includes my being made to listen to the same ad for a big wrestling event on cable television.  Not only am I just not into wrestling, but I don’t even have cable.  And I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that exact same ad for the past five years—shouldn’t have the big event have happened by now?

I guess I’m not the only one who hates bad hold music.  Remember when Marissa Mayer took over as CEO at Yahoo!  and started making big changes?  One thing she realized quickly was that she couldn’t take the company’s crummy hold music.  A bad on-hold experience is just bad for the company and its brand.

But have no fear—friends of Fonality are here.  Snap Recordings offers easy access to professional voice talent who will record your company’s custom greetings and on hold messages, with a special discounted rate for Fonality customers—even if what you want to promote is information about that never-ending big wrestling event.  And offers a wide variety of royalty-free hold music selections for download.  Customers are able to purchase high-quality music that best fits their brand and customer demographics and pay for it once, then use it indefinitely.  And for Fonality customers who call in to purchase music from the “on-hold” section of the company’s site, they offer a 25% discount with the promo code “FONALITY.”  To upload new hold music or create playlists in your Fonality system, just follow the easy instructions in our Knowledge Base.