NetFortris has the solution for these most common “conference call fails.”

Dropped Calls

It happens nearly every call – somehow your connection on the call drops out but you don’t realize it until that painful silence from the others on the call lasts a little too long. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your phone service provider’s continuity record. At NetFortris, we have a superior track record and are transparent when issues arise. You can view the NetFortris uptime and breakdown per type of service on

Attendee Identifiers

Instead of having to track multiple attendee announcements, opt for a business phone platform, such as Heads Up Display™, that offers employee presence. With employee presence, everyone on the call can see who’s in attendance and who isn’t.

No More Access Codes

Replace lengthy access codes with one simple solution: drag and drop calls. With drag and drop, you can join a conference, drag a colleague into your conference, or place a call on hold with the click of a mouse.

Real-time Screen Sharing

The all-to-common difficulty that surrounds screen sharing with a multitude of different operating systems can bring any conference call to a hard stop. Invest in a unified communications platform that offers real-time screen sharing for conferences and sales presentations, without third party software.

NetFortris has the solutions you need to upgrade your system and make winning conference calls.

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