Remember that scene in “Office Space” when the guys take the printer out into a field and give it a piece of their minds with baseball bats? That’s the same feeling I’m sure most of you have had at least once while using the fax machine. But thankfully with the influence of modern technology we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief and exclaim “Faxing is dead!”

Ok, so maybe not dead, but definitely upgraded. After all, the fax machine is an office staple lots of businesses rely on to communicate and send important documents. But sending a fax the old way is so 1999.

Why you should love paperless fax.

Here at NetFortris, we offer a paperless fax option that’s incredibly popular among many of our customers, for very good reasons. First of all, in most cases, our paperless solution offers a solid cost-savings to our customers. Secondly, the rate of office headaches is decreased as the adoption of paperless fax increases* (bye bye paper jams!). That's because faxing is now as easy as attaching a document to an email. But some prospects I talk to have a few hesitations on whether electronic faxing is the best route for them. If this sounds like you, here are some questions to consider:

1) Do you currently own or lease a fax machine?

Much like a car, business owners have opinions about owning vs leasing office equipment. But there can be a significant cost in either scenario. When you buy the machine outright, you’re still on the hook for any repairs, ink cartridges, paper, etc. If you lease one, there’s a monthly/quarterly fee that over time may be more than the value of your actual machine because fax leasing companies are in the business to make money. In either case, you're also paying for a local landline fax line.

By moving to a paperless fax solution, you eliminate the wasted money and time associated with owning and maintaining a machine. Plus, you get back some space in your office.

2) How many pages do you send/receive every month?

Depending on your business model, there’s a certain ROI point at which the machine is either worth it or not. In most cases, you would have to send about 600 pages a month to get a return on your fax machine investment. However, if your business requires a few hundred faxed pages or less, you are probably not getting your money’s worth out of the machine. 

3) Do you have an initiative to reduce paper in your office?

Many offices are going green: from office and kitchen supplies to energy reducing practices to, you guessed it, reducing paper waste. Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for people to print out articles, maps and directions, and even emails. But with the adoption of mobile devices and widespread availability of the internet, there are quite a few less reasons to use the printer.

Preparing a document for faxing often means that you are opening the file on your computer, printing it out on multiple sheets of paper (aka dead trees) and feeding it into the scanner. Paperless fax is as simple as attaching a file to an email. Voila. 

4) Do you notice customers preferring electronic communication more and more?

Think of all the things you currently access electronically that you didn’t 5 years ago: banking, bill paying, correspondence, photos, news, and entertainment. You as a business owner are also a consumer, so naturally, you know the shift you’ve made from paper to electronic communication.

Faxing may have taken a few extra years to catch up, but it’s officially in the electronic era.    

*Not a real study, but we think it's likely true.