Last week, our CMO Jeff Valentine wrote about Fonality’s stellar call center features. I’m back to focus on one of the most powerful among our built-in tools for training and managing call center agents – Barge, Monitor, Whisper. Why? Because of its impact on managing and training, as well as the overall customer experience!

What is Barge, Monitor, Whisper?

Barge, Monitor, Whisper is a trio of call center software features that help managers train employees, ensure quality control, and improve customer satisfaction. 

  • Barge, as you might expect, allows you to jump into a call as a full participant.
  • Monitor to listen in on a live converation between an agent and a customer -- without interrupting.
  • Whisper allows you to say something only your employee can hear -- the customer won't hear a thing.

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We’re not the only call center vendor to offer it, of course. So what sets Fonality’s Barge, Monitor, Whisper apart?

All it takes is one-click.

Can you believe many providers still require call center managers to use complex star-key combos on their desk phones that can waste 30+ seconds of precious call time?

If you’ve ever worked in a customer-facing capacity or managed call center agents, you understand how quickly a dissatisfied customer can be transformed into a raving fan – and vice versa. Every second counts.

Instant access is one of the reasons Fonality’s call center features are built right into Heads Up DisplayTM. (HUD is our award-winning unified communications, or UC, platform.)

Take a look at just how quickly our Barge, Monitor, Whisper works and how easily you can switch from one to the other or record a call on the fly in the video below:

This trio of powerful call center software options is a must-have for any team that handles customer calls, including customer service, billing, and sales. The benefits span every industry, although some or more dependent on handling high-volume calls than other. For example, insurance agency owners love it along with On-demand Recording for training agents and keeping policyholders happy.

The last thing I should tell you about Barge, Monitor, Whisper is that – unlike the fancy car that shares the same initials – it’s surprisingly affordable. Our entire Advanced Call Center Agent license is just $10 per user, per month as part of our Professional Edition and included as part of Ultimate Edition. That’s up to $90 less per user, per month than some standalone solutions.