Unified Communications

You're just getting that new firm off the ground. It's been a challenge pulling everything together - what with getting established in the new office space and bringing staffers on board - but now the real work begins. In order to run a successful agency, there are two things that absolutely have to be in place: communication and organization. Without these two things, you can pretty much guarantee that nothing else is going to work. Fortunately, a well-deployed unified communications and business phone system for insurance agencies can go a long way toward ensuring that your firm has the communicative and organizational bases covered so you can move on to the important work of taking on new clients and developing a solid reputation. Here are a few of the ways a UC policy can make life a lot easier for those running a new agency:

  • Makes mobile work a breeze: Any insurance agent knows that a large chunk of their important work takes place outside the office. From meetings with clients to on-site appearances, the tasks of an insurance agent take them to many places remote from the physical workplace. For this reason, working remotely is particularly important for those in the insurance field. As an industry infographic pointed out, the mobility built into UC saves the average 100-employee business 30 minutes per employee per day. That kind of time savings adds up very quickly.
  • Keeps different offices connected at a low cost: One of the key indicators of success for any enterprise is expansion, and insurance firms are no different. For many agencies out there, mounting success facilitates the need to open other offices - sometimes satellite offices when talking about bigger companies like Allstate. While this is a definite step forward, it can also create communicative and organizational challenges if the tools aren't in place to keep the different offices connected. But a robust UC and business phone system for Allstate agents ensures that this problem won't have to arise.
  • Ensures that everyone's on the same page: If your agency is a successful one, then you'll likely be balancing multiple claims at once, which can lead to some organizational headaches. But the streamlining of various communicative technologies offered by a UC solution guarantees that even with a multiplicity of claims, you can still have one single, cohesive channel of communication. 

So if you're running a new agency - or an old one in need of new life - then what's stopping you from pursuing a proactive solution? There's only one answer to that question - Nothing! So what are you waiting for?