The corporate team at NetFortris just returned from our annual customer appreciation event in Napa. The wine flowed like…wine, because it was Napa after all. But better than the clinking glasses and tasty fare was the face-to-face time we were able to spend with our valued customers.

Every year this event reminds me how important it is to build relational equity with the men and women running the companies who use our NetFortris products and services. Knowing them personally translates into more effectively serving their business needs.

We hear in person about what works and what doesn’t. We find out what their businesses needs and uncover ways to meet those needs. And we can enjoy some world-class wine while we’re at it.

Our time in Napa prompted me to think about the true value of knowing your customers and some practical ways to pursue those relationships. Chasing customers is the easy part, keeping them is the challenge. Businesses must transcend competition based on price and continually offer customers something more valuable in exchange for their loyalty.

It’s Personal

People like working with people they like. Even as a technology company, we know the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships with our customers.

Businesses must find ways to recognize and appreciate clients individually. Allow them to be known and gain status because of those relationships. From priority benefits, to “skip the line” perks, show them that you value their time and commitment.

At NetFortris, we offer products that recognize the individuality of our customers. These solutions can be tailored to meet their specific needs and alleviate unique pain points.

Behind the Curtain

Far too often businesses are like the Great Oz behind the curtain, mysterious, aloof, and unknowable. Building lasting rapport with customers hinges on knowing them and letting them know you.

Just like our Napa event, businesses should endeavor to find ways to bring customers and providers together to humanize the business and engage the customers. From exclusive meet and greets, to getaways and retreats, providers should periodically establish dedicated time to invest in these ongoing customer relationships.

At NetFortris, we know that we are a technology company driven by individuals, and we constantly bring the people behind our communications solutions to the forefront. They are the ones who can connect with our customers and most effectively translate the value of our products and services.

Eliminate the Middle Man

Technology can be an awkward third wheel in a business relationship. Despite the increasingly numerous ways to interact over technology, we must commit to pursuing true communication. For us at NetFortris, the weekend in Napa was crucial for creating uninterrupted space to interact in person. Human connections help us understand how to be better at our jobs and more effective partners for our customers.

Organize for Optimal Service

NetFortris is dedicated to personal service and understanding the unique needs of each customer. As a result, we have invested in a three-pronged approach for customer care. In addition to online tools for self-help or administrative log in, we have invested in the people that make customer engagements work. There is always a team of dedicated professionals available to ensure customer success and maximized benefit of their NetFortris investment.

Our dedicated account managers enable customers to maintain a current, effective, and efficient solution set that meets their evolving business needs. The support teams provide level 1-3 support as needed, and our dedicated customer sales team helps customers procure the latest technologies and add-on products as they become available.

The results speak for themselves. We are proud to report that in the last year, our customer churn rate has fallen to below 1% (significantly lower than industry average). To learn more about our customers, check out our customer page.

Our customer event in Napa is a great reminder to us about the value of these connections. We look forward to long and fruitful relationships with all our customers and look forward to seeing more of you in Napa next summer!