NetFortris’s industry leading call center software is what sets us apart from our competitors in a crowded playing field. One of our most powerful built-in tools for training and managing call centers is Barge, Monitor, Whisper. Why so powerful? Because of its impact on managing and training, as well as the overall customer experience!

So what is Barge, Monitor, Whisper and what makes NetFortris’s version of it unique?

Barge, Monitor, Whisper is a trio of call center software features that help managers train employees, ensure quality control, and improve customer satisfaction.

Barge allows you to enter a call at any time as a full participant. Use Monitor to listen in on a live conversation between an agent and a customer without interrupting. With Whisper you can coach your employee mid-call without your customer hearing a thing.

All it takes is one-click.

Many providers still require call center managers to use complex star-key combos on their desk phones wasting precious call time. When managing call center agents in a customer-facing capacity every second counts as you quickly work to transform a dissatisfied customer into a happy, loyal fan.

Instant access is one of the reasons NetFortris’s call center features are built into Heads Up Display TM (HUD), our award-winning unified communications platform.

Observe how quickly our Barge, Monitor, Whisper tools work, and how easily you can switch between them and record a call on the fly in the video below:

Barge, Monitor Whisper is a must-have feature for any team that handles customer service, billing, and sales.

Every industry can benefit. For example, insurance agencies love it along with On-demand Recording for training and keeping policyholders happy.

Finally, unlike the German luxury car that shares its initials, Barge, Monitor Whisper is affordable for everyone.