Detailed Call Reporting Puts Your New-Age Business Phone System to Work

Posted by Team NetFortris

When I first opened my insurance agency back in the early 90’s the desk phone and the local White Pages were my only life lines. I must have made at least 70 calls per day looking for new business opportunities. The phone itself was pretty basic. It was able to make and receive calls and I even bought the nifty shoulder support add-on so I had a free hand to scribble down policy notes.

Today, the business phone system is completely integrated into all aspects of my agency.  It has the ability to pre-populate customer data into my CRM system while it’s still ringing, or allowing me to conduct instant policy reviews via collaboration tools with distant clients, to providing a clear picture of employee productivity with call reporting metrics. The latter though, in my opinion the most under utilized tool business tool new agency owners can use.  

With detailed call reporting, I have a clear view into the overall call volume, seasonal staffing needs, marketing campaign success, and of course employee productivity. Fonality’s report scheduler is my unattended productivity monitor for each and every employee in the company. It keeps me in the loop by emailing me detailed call reports of all call activity (inbound, outbound, call queues, and even inter-office dialing) every day, week, month, or quarter. Having these reports emailed to me at will is like having the business analyst I always wanted. At the beginning of each day, I actually send the outbound call volume report to my sales team. This additional information provides a friendly but competitive environment in which my agents thrive.  The more calls, the more business, the bigger their bonus. 

Fonality - Report Builder - Call Reporting

When new agency owners ask me my secret for success, I simply tell them to invest in technology and hard work. 

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