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You know the feeling: a support ticket comes through asking you to fix a problem caused by something you've warned against multiple times. It's frustrating, we know. And from the bottom of our "we thought we knew what we were doing" hearts, we're sorry.

Do your end users think they can fix fails themselves? Say hello to #4 on Dan Moshe's top 5.
  Laptop tumbling into water

Truth is, there's more than one type of issues that really annoys IT teams. The Dallas Business Journal recently featured "5 guaranteed ways to annoy your IT department" by Dan Moshe, CEO of Tech Guru. Do any of these grievances sound familiar?

As you know, the IT department is vital to companies of a certain size. Whether a team of experts or a single person attempting to keep up with hardware and software to support the company, the role is key to the success of the business. 

That's why we at Fonality work to provide a great solution for your business phone systems; to take some of the pressure off you, while still making you look good. 

Side note: When I asked someone on our own IT team what the most annoying type of tickets they receive were, he replied "anything from the marketing team." Thanks, Kevin.* Despite the snarky comeback, we still appreciate the heck out of you. 

*Name changed to protect the innocent. 


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