Sierra_Office_Supply_-_Blog.pngThe story of an office supply company dealing with the woes of a business phone system that worked intermittently may sound like a spinoff of The Office.

Unfortunately for Sierra Office Supply, the storyline wasn't funny at all. Instead, constantly interrupted service (and incomplete setup for the majority of their contract), meant a significant loss in time and money. 

“They made several failed attempts to implement the services we needed and managed to kill all of our dial tones in the process, so we were down for at least a day on several occasions,” said Dan Paul, Director of IT for Sierra Office Supply. “This created many extra costs to us in lost business.”

That is, until, Paul discovered and researched Fonality.

See what happened when Paul made the switch to Fonality as a VoIP service provider by downloading this free case study

(And for those fans of The Office, here's a funny for you.)