Don’t fear change, embrace it! The fact is, more and more businesses have taken the leap to move their mission-critical applications to the cloud. But even still, most have yet to move one key asset: their phone systems. In fact, just 15.4% of American businesses use cloud-based phone communications. So we have to ask, what is standing between these businesses and getting an office telephone system that’s kind of amazing?

This resistance to adopting new technology is understandable from one perspective: businesses need phones to survive. They trust traditional phone lines to work every time. But let’s face it, at some point, tradition must be broken when it blocks your business’ ability to improve efficiency, enhance collaboration, delight customers and outmaneuver the competition.

As a leader in cloud-based communications, Fonality has heard the same objections to cloud-based phone systems time and time again. Take this quiz to find out just how scared you really are!