Contact centers should prepare for the holidays with UC

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Revolutionize your call center with UC.

Contact centers are currently entering their busiest time of year. When dealing with the holiday season, many organizations are hiring, customers are calling and phone lines from end-to-end of every businesses process are being tied up. A hosted VoIP solution for call centers can allow them to drastically reduce the time it takes to sort through this huge volume of traffic while letting workers to take advantage of advanced communication opportunities. It's easy to see why these solutions tend to work - there are many incidents where communication can be stymied, even in a call center, and UC along with hosted VoIP solutions can solve those problems. 

One major advantage that UC can give contact centers is text messaging. While this is commonly thought of as a way for teenagers to talk to each other after they've gone home from school, text messaging can also be vitally important in keeping a business moving. Because it can allow for employees to send important data to each other even while they are on the phone, this can prevent many levels of downtime and keep workers from having to put clients on-hold. According to Text Messaging Resource, this isn't just for one-way communication, as customers can potentially text-in to an organization in order to get status updates, notifications, confirm transactions and other tasks that might take up time during a busy holiday season.

Call centers can take an all comers with UC
A plan to use unified communications can make or break a holiday season for a call center. While many organizations stick to using techniques that are stuck in the past, those that are using UC cloud have flexible call queues, cloud-based recording of agent calls and real-time interaction displays, according to Forbes. The use of these types of features in a call center can propel a call center toward greater efficiency. These types of systems can even allow employees to work from home, provided their residential connections are fast enough to run the software.

UC can be the technology that changes the way a company operates. With the addition of many different types of features, it can fundamentally reorient how a group does business permanently. More flexibility and control over call queues and other elements of call center times is very important for maintaining a strong presence in the current call center industry, and UC helps with that directly.

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