Much of our marketing around GigE this month has to do with future-proofing your network. And of course this is totally valid. However, I also think there are some real benefits businesses can enjoy TODAY.

Businesses that work with large files — especially images and videos can benefit from GigE right now. This includes:

  • Medical practices that work with MRI or X-RAY images
  • Architectural firms and landscape companies that work with blueprints
  • Photographers and video production companies
  • Web developers

...the list goes on. And with more and more businesses sending their email, storage, and backup to the cloud, having every bit of available bandwidth all the way to the desktop is more important than ever.

Even remote (home-based) users can benefit from a GigE phone. Here's a personal example.

Earlier this week I installed a new NAS (network attached storage) at home to consolidate all of our music, pictures, and videos to one place on the network. Moving a ton of pics from my PC to the NAS took just a few minutes.

When I went to do the same from my wife's PC, the system said it would take over an hour. A popup appeared from the NAS OS stating that I was not using a GigE connection, and it suggested I implement a GigE connection to improve performance.

I remembered that my wife's aging desktop PC had only a 10/100 NIC card. I cancelled the transfer and swapped the 10/100 NIC card in my wife's PC for a GigE NIC. When I tried the transfer again, it was done in a few minutes.

Having a 10/100 VoIP phone between your PC and your otherwise GigE network is basically the same as having a 10/100 NIC card in your PC. You lose the benefits of all that bandwidth, and jobs that would have otherwise taken minutes will take hours.

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