Mobile Office Blog Feature.pngIf you were to consider the costs of operating a global enterprise like UBS, you might not think that real estate is a big concern for them. But according to the New York Times, it is. With more than 60k global employees, and offices in two of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world (London and Zurich), desk and office space adds up.

Enter the thin desk: UBS’ innovative solution that serves both to shrink down their need for premium real estate and increase employee mobility. Thin desks, which first made their appearance in UBS’ new London office, are universal work spaces where any employee can sit down, log into their virtual desktop, and get tasks done. The same computer stays at the same desk indefinitely, and an employee’s work extension follows him or her to wherever he or she sets up shop. Nice, right?

This also means that employees can log into their mobile office from home. Consequently, UBS is only installing 5000ish thin desks for over 6000 employees in the Central London office. In addition, they’ve eliminated 40% of their individual offices (sorry, executives…) More people working in closer quarters and with greater mobility will, UBS hopes, encourage more collaboration.

“Working together, talking to each other, working in a more agile way. People are probably not so fixed anymore in their work environment,” said Harald Egger, UBS. We couldn’t agree more. More and more companies (big and small) are empowering their staff to work from anywhere. Not only does this mean a more flexible culture for employees, but it also prevents unanticipated downtime due to office inaccessibility.

So what does this mean for your business? It’s pretty simple, really. Mobile desk accessibility has the potential to level up your company in a myriad of ways including a) A reUCMobile_eBook_CTA.pngduction in premium office space, b) An increase in collaboration due to closer quarters and greater mobility, and c) A decrease in downtime due to office inaccessibility.

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