Ali Rizvi is the NetFortris Head of Product. Ali has 8 years as a product leader in high-growth SaaS/PaaS and B2B product strategies. We caught up with Ali to ask him the most pressing questions about NetFortris’ CDR-API product.

1. How do I know if I can benefit from the CDR-API?

If you need call data to better understand how your company, team or you are performing.

2. Is it only for enterprise companies? How does it work for a mid-size business?

Works for any company that either has development staff or can hire development staff to build a reporting capture or full-fledged reporting integration.

3. Is it expensive?

Nope. The freemium offer is very robust and work for most businesses. The paid offers are inexpensive for larger businesses that rely on the data for decision making.

4. How can I use your CDR reports, currently, to improve my business?

Measure call performance in conjunction with other data you may be collecting such as Closed Deals, Leads converted Month, Cases Closed, Campaign performance etc.

5. How helpful is CDR and ACD data, when making major business decisions?

If you used a phone for your business, then calls are in intrinsic component of your success. Converting communications to business performance.

6. Are there any other Reporting Solutions, or Business Intelligence platforms needed?


7. How can my inbound and outbound calls tell me about my customers’ behavior?

  • If you are a contact center manager, inbound call date times can provide you with highly reliable indicators for staffing peaks and troughs.
  • If you are a contact center manager, high rates of internal transfers to subject matter experts for particular agents can provide you with highly reliable indicators for training opportunities.
  • If you are a sales manager, sales rep call duration can imply when connected with leads and prospects can provide you with highly reliable indicators for correlations between call durations and closed won deals.
  • For general personnel coaching, long duration personal call identification can help with identifying challenged individuals on your staff.

8. How can I know if my sales reps are as effective as possible?

Measure their call stats versus closed won or lost deals. High level, measure activity versus goal performance. And many more…

9. How can this affect them taking the necessary steps to hit their goals?

  • Can provide leading indicators for improvements
  • Can provide indicators for successful strategies

10. How can this tell me the sales team’s rate of conversion between effort and productivity?

See example use case document.


API documentation page