Posted by Tom Swayze

In the world of cloud communications solutions, one size does not fit all—at least not well.

According to Infonetics Research, there will be 62.6 million people using cloud-based communications for daily voice, video, chat and video conferencing. The reasons are simple: cost savings, efficiency, and the breadth of productivity-boosting features.

Earlier this week we announced a new, stratified product line for our cloud communications services. With more choices and flexible feature sets we hope to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to move to the cloud for VoIP, PBX, Unified Communications (UC), and enterprise collaboration.

Cloud voice services and unified communications offer a wide array of capabilities and produce measurable benefits in productivity, cost savings and IT efficiency. Consider the following key factors as you move your communications infrastructure to the cloud for the first time, or as you add more advanced solutions to existing cloud communications.

    1. Budget efficiency—Businesses of all sizes must design cloud communications solutions to meet the specific needs of their business. A tiered approach to communications solutions will allow you to select only the features you need, while providing an upgrade path to more advanced features in the future. NetFortris offers four levels of cloud communications solutions.

Starting with Business Basic Voice, smaller enterprises can reduce the costs associated with out-of-date PSTN lines or legacy on-premise PBX systems.  By replacing them with less expensive cloud-based VoIP, not only will you realize savings, but team members will be able to collaborate more efficiently and conveniently.  Additional functionality can be added such as complete PBX, Unified Communications and even advanced collaboration such as desktop video conferencing and screen sharing.  And, all of these solutions are available without up-front capital expenditures. Because these solutions are delivered as a service, standard, predictable monthly fees help you manage expenses.

  1. Flexible voice and collaboration options, designed by expert system telecom engineers—The NetFortris tiered approach provides flexibility. Our customers can implement a solution that meets current needs but also accommodates growth as those needs evolve. Businesses can add more sophisticated features including a full spectrum of voice and collaboration software solutions. The key is to design the solution with growth in mind—the first time. The combination of our network, our cloud communications products and our expert systems engineering team makes it easy for our customers to select the solution that fits their business.
  1. Understand the Network Options – As you plan to move communications to the cloud, consider the network options. The NetFortris MPLS network is highly-secure, reliable and cost effective with up to 10G burstable bandwidth. Secure Internet access, Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile integration are also factors to consider.
  1. Consider your need to support teleworkers and distributed offices—Cloud-based voice systems make it easier than ever for remote workers, distributed offices and distributed teams to collaborate. This ubiquity allows users to connect seamlessly from any location—home, office, or on the road. Calls can move easily between mobile, desktop, and fixed line phones, increasing overall access and productivity.
  1. Simplified administration—cloud voice services provide advanced capabilities, they offer simplified administration through the NetFortris CSP Portal for standard, UC, and collaboration solutions. This streamlined approach to technology management saves time and drives efficiency. Businesses can focus on business, while NetFortris manages technology administration.

A shift to cloud voice services is both an imperative and inevitability for modern businesses. It is the first step toward a modernization that ultimately leads to the adoption of a complete unified communications strategy. Choosing the right technology partner simplifies this transition. The stratified IP voice product offerings from NetFortris make this change simple and accessible.

Learn more about the different options available to you by reading our eBook, Right-Sizing Your Cloud Communications Solution.   It’s available for free on our website.