Fonality CEO David Scult talks VoIP and UC on KRLD's CEO Spotlight

Posted by NetFortris Team

Fonality CEO David Scult recently sat down with KRLD's David Johnson for "CEO Spotlight," a popular business radio program in Dallas.David Scult Talks VoIP & UC - CEO Spotlight

Give the segment a listen for our David's insights into the state of the VoIP business phone service industry, benefits of unified communications (UC), and the future of Fonality.

While in-studio with business analyst David Johnson we snapped this behind-the-scenes photo of our CEO as the two chatted. 

Among the highlights of David Scult's comments:

"We see our customers being second and third generation VoIP customers."

He expands on this, describing how companies are moving from their first vendor where the quality was just okay to a new generation of larger hosted VoIP providers like Fonality that offer far better quality along with more robust cloud-based features and benefits. (Update: David offers some tips about getting the most out of this market evolution in a more recent blog post here.)

More highlights:

"We do high-quality video conferencing where you can have dozens and dozens of locations, each one with a simple camera in your computer or tablet – or even your cellphone."

"There's some significant price compression when you compare a traditional phone system with a VoIP phone system. But what we're now seeing is maintaining some relatively decent margins and price points because we're offering so much value and bundling in things like videoconferencing, audio conferencing, call recording, voicemail transcription – the list goes on and on and on."

The interview appeared on CBS Radio's KRLD 1080 AM is a top news and talk station based in Dallas Fort Worth. 

For more insights like why cloud VoIP is putting pressure on traditional telecommunications companies and what success looks like for Fonality, play the recorded interview on the KRLD website.