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Fonality today announced its integrations product strategy. The business phone system leader is committed to bringing its best-of-breed capabilities into the business applications where its customers spend their business life. This approach also supplements its own award-winning Heads Up Display (HUD) software by unifying business application access and features into the unified communications (UC) experience.

Unified communications experience

"Fonality believes in truly unified communications. Users should be able to get to the business communications tools they need through a 'single pane of glass,'" says Jeff Valentine, Fonality's chief marketing officer. "Both our homegrown features and our integrations enable customers to enjoy a consistent experience through Heads Up Display – or to easily extend that experience into other applications where they work."

As part of its strategy, Fonality outlined four integration methods where it will continue to focus as it looks to expand the definition of UC through integrations with business applications in the coming months.

Fonality's Four Integration Methods

Fonality's integrations make cloud-based software features readily accessible to HUD users and business applications users with a unique bi-directional approach. Fonality works with partners to enrich the mutual customer experience with its UC features blended into the business application. SaaS providers looking to enhance their product portfolio can pull the power of HUD into their software to the benefit of shared customers. Key categories include:
  1. Full Integrations. Where customer demand or market opportunity warrants, Fonality develops software that fully integrates with top-tier cloud services. For example, the company's CRM Link for Salesforce brings the power of the Fonality solution into the Salesforce environment to improve business productivity, increase call efficiency, and redefine the customer experience. In another example, Fonality offers users access and the ability to share files on Box directly from within HUD.

  2. Product Partnerships. When it comes time to add business software solutions to Fonality's phone system and UC platform with value-added features it doesn't make sense to build from scratch, the company carefully selects best-in-class solutions. In this category, Fonality recently upgraded its Voicemail Transcription product by moving to Nuance. As a result, voicemail transcription accuracy has surged to an impressive 90 percent or better. Since people read faster than they can listen, this means customers using Fonality's Voicemail Transcription spend about half as much time on voicemails as it would take to listen to them.

  3. Outside In. Just as Fonality builds tools to access other cloud services, its Web Launcher and Click-to-Dial software interface services make it easy for other solution providers to give shared customers instant access to their Fonality system. Examples include the latest integration capabilities recently announced by Blitz, a leader in lead management software. Another great example comes from Abacus Data Systems, which makes it easy for law firms to use their Fonality phone system right from the Abacus interface, for example by placing an outbound call from a client record with just a click.

  4. Web Launcher. Fonality's patented Web Launcher makes it easy for any user to tap into the power of search engines and other web-based services just by instantly adding search parameters in their HUD Web Launcher form interface. This simple form-based setup tells HUD what to do when an inbound or outbound call is in progress. For example, users can have HUD look up a phone number using a search engine to know who's calling before they answer. Or pull up contact information from web-based services such as Sugar CRM to have key customer information on screen when they answer.

Look for more integrations coming soon.For more about Fonality's current integrations, visit the integrations page.