NetFortris-Fonality Support is Open 24/7

Posted by NetFortris Team

Just like Santa and his elves, your Fonality Support team works 24/7 helping all the good girls and boys this holiday season. Yep, even Christmas and New Years' Day! (And every other day, 365 days a year.)

Whether you need help turning off Bob's Video Collaboration rights after that Christmas party incident or just forgot to change your phone greeting before leaving the office, you won't be getting any lumps of coal from us this season. (Find Holiday Scheduler step-by-step instructions here, by the way.)

Simply start a chat or call us at 866-366-2548. The only gift we ask for in return? Just have your server ID handy so we can help you as quickly as possible. 

Could you use Fonality training, how-to videos, and system information while you're at it? Visit our Support page.