Fonality VoIP Bandwidth Calculator Does the Math for You

Posted by NetFortris Team

Fonality VoIP Bandwidth Calculator

Considering a Hosted VoIP Phone System?
Bandwidth Is Key to Cloud Success

If you’re eyeing a move to a cloud-based business phone system, one of your first questions might be, “Do I have the bandwidth I need for VoIP?” Find out fast and free with the Fonality VoIP Bandwidth Calculator.

The Fonality VoIP Bandwidth Calculator tool helps you understand how your current Internet service plan stacks up to Fonality’s recommended speeds.

“The Fonality VoIP Bandwidth Calculator makes it easier than ever to take the first step toward modernizing your business phone system,” said Maggie Thill, director of marketing communications at Fonality. “It takes just moments to complete your first step toward cloud VoIP and a better value for your business.”

The calculator’s results page highlights any gaps between your stated Internet speeds and recommended bandwidth – or lets you know if you’re already in good shape. You’ll get guidance on what your results mean and access to additional tools, too.

Taking the Next Step

While bandwidth is just one of the requirements for a successful cloud-based business phone system deployment, it’s a great place to start. Oh, and don’t give up if your speeds score low or your Internet service isn’t as reliable as Old Faithful.

Fonality experts offer custom assessments of network quality and equipment requirements and love to demo the company’s award-winning Heads Up Display (HUD) software. If your business needs something more than the basics, Fonality’s no one-trick pony. The company offers several options for upgrading your business communications – including Hybrid-Hosted® PBX. (A hybrid PBX solution brings together existing landlines and new onsite hardware with cloud-hosted unified communications and control panel.)

It’s easy to get started today. Find out how your bandwidth compares:New Call-to-action