Fonality Zips Up Text Messaging with Zipwhip

Posted by Team NetFortris

Businesses can now text their customers from their Fonality business number

An estimated 80 percent of customers want to hear from businesses by text, but business “landline” texting can be costly and complicated. No longer!  Fonality customers can easily build relationships using texts to and from their existing phone line thanks to its new integration with Zipwhip.

This integration expands Fonality’s unified communications (UC) offering while making texting accessible for businesses of all sizes. 

“Zipwhip is already extremely popular among our insurance customers, and the response across industries during beta has been unprecedented,” says Ali Rizvi, Fonality’s director of product management. “It’s all about delivering a seamless experience that improves business communication from the single pane of glass we call HUD. No one is better at true UC, a term we plan to redefine this year with new offerings like Zipwhip.”

Fonality customers access Zipwhip through Heads Up Display™ (HUD) using their favorite browser. HUD also brings together calling features, chat, presence, audio and video conferencing, voicemail transcription, and more. Based on Zipwhip’s popularity and feature set, Fonality anticipates rapid adoption among customers.

“Texting allows for a real-time communication flow that builds more intimate relationships with customers and fosters brand loyalty,” said John Larson, Zipwhip’s chief marketing officer. “The integration with Zipwhip will help Fonality users to communicate with their customers through whichever method the customer prefers.”

“I’ve been texting using Fonality’s HUD integration with Zipwhip during the beta, and I can’t imagine running the agency without it now,” said Melanie Summers, chief of operations for Designers Insurance Agency. “I can’t believe I can text from my Fonality business line for just $10 per month.”

Using Zipwhip through HUD is easy. Two clicks is all it takes – on the Zipwhip icon in the app tray and then on launch. The simplicity of the experience goes much deeper, though. There’s no additional vendor to manage or username and password to remember. Plus, users text from the convenience of their web browser. The person on the other end of the conversation simply sees a regular text message on their cell phone.


What does Zipwhip with Fonality mean for customers?

  • Ditch the hard stuff. There’s nothing to install or costly dedicated text numbers or short codes to manage. Pay just $10 per month for each text-enabled Fonality line.
  • Access business texting anywhere. Read and send messages in your office or anywhere you use HUD Web.
  • Sign in once. There are no new user names or passwords to wrangle. Just click to get going from inside HUD.
  • Separate business from personal. Never text customers from a personal mobile again – unless you want to. Who wants to use their thumbs anyway?
  • Get one bill. There are no new vendors to set up or bills to pay. Zipwhip text messaging becomes part of the monthly Fonality invoice.

Offering Zipwhip from Fonality’s UC application is the latest example of how the HUD platform works with the other business applications customers count on. For more about business texting and other integrations, visit the integrations page.