Installation.jpgThere are plenty of tasks that people go to craigslist for: yardwork, home repair, pet walking, etc. However, if help setting up your business VoIP solution is one of those, maybe – just maybe – you made the wrong decision.

Most businesses rely on phones for prospecting, sales, and customer service. At Fonality, our installation process is designed to keep your phones up and working so there’s no interruption to your day to day business operations.

So how does it work?

Assisted Setup

We provide the expert installation engineer; you provide an official administrator. Since we’ve designed the system so that anyone can set it up, the administrator can be anyone, from your IT person to your office manager.

Our remote engineers will walk your admin through topics like setting up how your calls are routed, configuring your Control Panel (modern-day switchboard), adding users and assigning permissions, and activating additional services like line porting and Paperless Fax.

Plus, pricing is based on company size – not per person, not per minute – and starts at less than you'd pay for a really nice dinner for two.

Full Service Setup

Don’t want to do the work? We get it, and we’ve got it. Our full service setup takes care of all the things above, for you. We provide the project manager and a certified senior installation engineer; you provide the details.

Like the assisted setup, pricing depends on the size of your company (think really nice dinner for two with wine).

Full Service Onsite Setup

If either of these isn’t enough, we also offer an onsite setup with a dedicated engineer to be at your location to set up your system.

If the worry about setting up your business phone system has kept you from moving forward, we've got your back. Schedule a one-on-one demo or sign up for a webinar to learn about what we offer and see what makes Fonality the VoIP service provider for you.