Have you ever seen that television show, “Undercover Boss”? In companies large enough that every employee wouldn’t recognize the CEO, the big boss goes in disguise to work at lower level jobs in the company. 

Undercover_Boss_-_Blog.pngI'd like to share a way you can do this at your company based on something we tried at Fonality. Using our own technology (business phone systems, and specifically, our Heads Up Display or HUD for short), our CEO David Scult spent a day taking customer calls in our technical support queue.

David’s probably the most over-qualified person in the company for this job, but he did it to learn more about how our customers are using our products, what questions they ask, and how we can serve customers better. So for a day, he became what may have been the highest paid call center agent in the world. 

Here’s how he did it:

  1. First, he didn’t just jump right in. He started with monitoring existing calls. In a web browser, he logged into HUD, and picked active customer calls at random. To do this, he selected a rep in a queue he wanted to watch. He hovered over that agent's profile pic and clicked “Monitor." Instantly, his desk phone rang, and he was silently (without interupting the conversation) listening to everything that was going on, right through his desk phone. This is the same thing the managers in that group do every day, so there’s no magic here – it was a good way to get him “trained.”

  2. Next, he added himself to the support queue. This is also easy. At Fonality, call center features are built into our product. All he needed to do was assign a call center agent license to himself using our online control panel. (Normally, we charge a little more for our call center software add-on, but every employee at Fonality has the license if they want it.) He used his credentials to log in, and in a few seconds, he had added himself to our main support queue.

  3. Last, his phone started to ring. It was a live customer in queue being sent to him in real time because he was now “available” and a member of the queue he had just added himself to. Our patented Web Launcher screen-popped call information from our ticketing system, so he knew who was on the line. He was also able to review the history for any patterns. Had the customer called recently? Is this a recurring issue? A one-time question? All this was in front of him and the Support technician so they could help the customer because of the integration.

What did David learn from conversations like this? That's the topic of another post, one you'll find by David here.

Today's takeaway is that thanks to the right technology, he was able to do all this on his own. You can do it, too, thanks to the power of unified communications. You won't even need a disguise, travel costs, or cameras.

Ready to go undercover?

Check out our affordable Advanced Call Center features. In addition to the one-click Barge/Monitor/Whisper David used, you can also identify training and operational improvements using record on demand and by reviewing your call queue and system data. (If you're reading this during our Ultimate Summer Savings event, you can even get these features for free.