Holiday Scheduler: Is it time for this already?


Holiday-scheduler-labor-day.pngIt feels like it was only a few days ago that we talked about the Memorial Day time off — where has the time gone?!

So in the effort to keep this short and sweet (you gotta get back to your Labor Day activity planning, right?) here's a handy walkthrough on how to set up your Holiday Scheduler on your Fonality phone system. 

View our "Add a Holiday Scheduler" tutorial

Don't use Fonality as your VoIP service provider? It's OK (but here are a few reasons why you should). We've got some tips for you, too!

Email Notifications: "I'm out of the office."

If your business is the type that receives lots of emails from prospects or clients, setting up an out-of-office message for the holiday is a must. Make sure to include the dates you'll be out, too, or someone else they can contact if they really, really need assistance. To that, make sure that your back-up person is actually available as well, because the double "I'll be away, please contact [other person]" is one way to definitely annoy people. 

Website Update: "We are closed today."

From local businesses to call centers to insurance companies and beyond, adding a simple message on your website letting folks know that you'll be closed for the day is a great way to keep customers notified. Just make sure to remove the notice when you're back in business!     

Social Media: "We're laboring by a lake (or on our couch)."

You've probably seen your personal social media pages filled with business posts on holidays, so why not join the action? A clever photo or video is always an option, but a simple message will do, too. Or, if you want an easy way to create a stellar-looking photo, check out Canva! They've always got seasonal themes and templates that are easy to use, and unless you use an exclusive image or template ($1.00 fee), it's free! 

We hope you have a great Labor Day weekend! Before you know it, it'll be Thanksgiving. 

Tara Banda
About the author: Tara is a creative copywriter with nearly nine years of professional experience developing digital content, including web copy, social media, video, infographics, email, and more. Her experience has been split between agency life and corporate marketing, and she currently specializes in B2B marketing to SMBs. She still thanks the stars for finding a career relevant to her degree. When not writing, she can be found at home perfecting her dishes for the Master Chef audition she will one day enter.