Holiday-scheduler-labor-day.pngIt feels like it was only a few days ago that we talked about the Memorial Day time off — where has the time gone?!

So in the effort to keep this short and sweet (you gotta get back to your Labor Day activity planning, right?) here's a handy walkthrough on how to set up your Holiday Scheduler on your Fonality phone system. 

View our "Add a Holiday Scheduler" tutorial

Don't use Fonality as your VoIP service provider? It's OK (but here are a few reasons why you should). We've got some tips for you, too!

Email Notifications: "I'm out of the office."

If your business is the type that receives lots of emails from prospects or clients, setting up an out-of-office message for the holiday is a must. Make sure to include the dates you'll be out, too, or someone else they can contact if they really, really need assistance. To that, make sure that your back-up person is actually available as well, because the double "I'll be away, please contact [other person]" is one way to definitely annoy people. 

Website Update: "We are closed today."

From local businesses to call centers to insurance companies and beyond, adding a simple message on your website letting folks know that you'll be closed for the day is a great way to keep customers notified. Just make sure to remove the notice when you're back in business!     

Social Media: "We're laboring by a lake (or on our couch)."

You've probably seen your personal social media pages filled with business posts on holidays, so why not join the action? A clever photo or video is always an option, but a simple message will do, too. Or, if you want an easy way to create a stellar-looking photo, check out Canva! They've always got seasonal themes and templates that are easy to use, and unless you use an exclusive image or template ($1.00 fee), it's free! 

We hope you have a great Labor Day weekend! Before you know it, it'll be Thanksgiving.