It's been a while since I wrote about surviving life as a remote worker, and it's gotten a whole lot colder in the Midwest. There have already been a couple of days getting on the road was pretty nerve-wracking. Thankfully, my commute is short and flexible. Lots of workers aren't so lucky. 

Fonality can help get your business communication winter-ready, but it's every man (or woman) for themselves when it comes to scraping windshields.
Winter Preparedness

We conducted a survey last year and found nearly one-third of us lost two or more days of work each year due to bad weather

Is your team ready to weather what Mother Nature has in store this winter? 

Find out using our free quiz.Answer a few simple questions to review your business continuity savvy and access resources to match.

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Fonality customers can answer the question in this post headline "Never!" when you use Heads Up Display (HUD). You can take and make calls and keep connected with coworkers anywhere you've got Internet and power. We're not so good at unfreezing locks and scraping car windows.

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