How Mobility Can Save the Day This Valentine's Day

Posted by Kristen Cruz

Tags: Phones & UC

Let's face it - sometimes we all take things for granted. Whether it's a person in your life or a service you use regularly, we can all wind up being less appreciative of the things we love. Queue the cheesy, romantic movie soundtrack.


Valentine's Day is an important holiday for most of us. You expect your signifigant other to pile on the romance. Dinner, movie, flowers, chocolates, technology of sorts. There are those of us however, that find themselves picking over the Valentine's aisle at the local grocery store hoping to look like you didn't just buy the last item left. No worries. We're all guilty of last-minute Valentine's Day plans at some point. The good news? You've got something at your fingertips that can help, now. Unified Communications.

Grab that last-minute dinner reservation in a flash
Many restaurants are now making use of texted reservation requests and notifications. Try using an app like Open Table to find the reservations restaurants still have open.

Catching a movie never gets old
Dinner and a movie. It's the classic date-night scenario. Last year, moviegoers spent $56 million on Valentines Day alone. Use Fandango to find showtimes and buy last-minute movie tickets. Not sure what to watch? Text your ZIP Code to "FNDGO" (36346) and get a text back with showtimes near you. 

Shop from your phone and pickup in store
Worried you won't get to the store in time to pick up that gourmet box of chocolates or new tech gadget your sweetie has their eye on? There are several stores that offer free in-store pickup. Usually ready within the hour.

Treat your mobile device with gentle, loving care. It just saved the day.