provest-insurance-case-study-blogProvest Insurance Company is a successful provider founded in 2001 by Jay Adkins. His company has five locations across three states, and Fonality is pleased to have been part of the company’s growth.

Provest Insurance Company started as a small business with Jay as the single agent. As he added more agents, Adkins became responsible for not only customer communication but also training new agents. While balancing multiple roles, it got harder to focus on vital elements of the business, like operations and development. 

Jay realized he'd need an enterprise communication solution that would accommodate his business and grow alongside it as well. Fonality offered the scalable and reliable solution he needed.

By using Fonality as his business phone system provider, Adkins noticed:

  • Employee interactions got easier: Fonality gave Jay a comprehensive view of his employees' real-time activity, even if Jay was on the road (which he is a lot). As he put it, "I'm connected to my business at all times, no matter where I'm physically located."
  • Collaboration increased: Effective collaboration lies at the heart of every successful organization, and Jay was able to realize better collaboration through our Heads Up Display (HUD).
  • The business grew: No longer a one-person show, Adkins reflected, "I would not have been able to go into multiple states without a Fonality phone system."

Check out the case study to read more about Provest Insurance Company's success leveraging our  solution.